Tea Mediation

Why meditation with tea will help you increase your well-being


Yoga and Meditation have a symbiotic relationship. We would like to invite you to our series of guided practices to quiet your mind and introduce meditation as part of your daily routine.

Why meditation?

Combating Stress

There are many reasons start a meditation practice. One might be to simply wanting to quiet the mind in order to tackle stress and unwind from our hectic routine. While meditation is an excellent stress reducer it has also been found that it can have powerful effects on the body. Such as bolstering the immune system and better enabling it to fight disease.

Improving Relationships

Interestingly meditation has the power to improve out relationships with others. By helping us to turn inwards and reflect upon our true essence, it helps us to detach us from our destructive powers and our own ego. By recasting our perspectives, reflecting upon our own shortcoming or just seeing problems from a different angle we are able to embrace gratitude, become humble and connect with other in more meaningful ways.

Wellbeing and Quality of Life

Body, mind and soul belong together and are impacting our personality. They determine how we think, feel and act. Mental and bodily health are the basis for positive thinking which enables us to react to stress, fear or respond to problems and challenges in our lives. While never-ending quick fixes like crash diets and get-rich-fast schemes show dramatic effects quickly, they are often short-lived and unsustainable, meditation is a proven practise that can transform your life reliably. By spending little time each day on a meditative breathing exercise you can reduce anxiety, decrease depression, improve focus and gain clarity.

Boost your Business

..and there is more. While one could argue that we feel we cannot afford to spend that time each day to meditate or exercise due to our busy work schedule. The truth is that we really cannot afford not to.

Meditation practise can mean a whole new way of developing thinking and action strategies as it impacts your decision-making, confidence, control and awareness. That’s why it is not surprising to discover that many successful and well-known business practitioners empty meditative practices. There is an increasing body of research on the scientific evidence regarding the impact of meditation on the physical brain growth and development. For example, meditation increases the cortical thickness in the Hippocampus, which is responsible for the ability to memorize and learn, which in turn aids everything from planning, presenting and organising to remembering your boss’ cats birthday . It gives you the tools to deal with most situations that are thrown at you which might not be more useful anywhere else but business.

If you would like to try it check out my other post on ‘Getting started with Bowl Tea’ or join one of our ‘Yoga & Bowl Tea’ events in Berlin.

19th January / 8-9.30pm  at BECYCLE / Berlin Mitte

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