Tea Mediation

What is Bowl Tea Meditation?

What is Bowl Tea?

 One of the simplest and most ancient ways of drinking tea is bowl tea. In it’s essence it is tea, heat and water.

When you have the fortune of travelling to the brith place of tea or visit an Zen Buddhist monastery, you will probably be invited to join a session of drinking bowl tea. Bowl tea is about simplicity and removing all pretence attached to the preparation of tea. Drinking bowl tea can be used as a tool for meditation and a great way to practise mindfulness every day. Mindfulness can be the key to reestablishing balance in your life, mentally and physically. By creating space and time to reflect inward we are able to identify sources from which difficulties and blockages can arise and equip us to respond with greater flexibility and adaptability.

If you would like to try it check out my other post on ‘Getting started with Bowl Tea’ or join one of our ‘Yoga & Bowl Tea’ events in Berlin.

Mondays 10th , 17th , 24th Sept / 8-9.30pm  at BECYCLE / Berlin Mitte

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