With a background in event design, I have been travelling and sharing tea since 2011. Over recent years I have turned my passion for tea, stories and design, to introducing people to exciting new ways of enjoying tea.

‘Europe, and England in particular has such a rich tea history and tradition of utilising herbal remedies to promote wellbeing and relaxation. Tea is the staple of English society and was originally introduced as a tonic and a safe alternative to gin, due to the unavailability of clean drinking water. In Chinese medicine tea is hailed as a super cure owing to its antibacterial and soothing qualities. I want people to take great pleasure in fully embracing the healing powers of tea but also enjoying the aroma, taste and appearance of this diverse leaf.’

Over the past years I have been establishing connections with notable tea institutions in England, Netherlands, Japan, Australia I am now utilising my knowledge to create new tea experiences for the hospitality and event sector.

Why Fortune’s Exploits?

Inspired by the accomplishments of Robert Fortune, a Scottish botanist, plant hunter and traveller who introduced the tea plant from China to India, Fortune’s Exploits is dedicated to sharing and presenting ways in which we can integrate tea into everyday life to promote focus, wellbeing and relaxation. Fortune’s Exploits is the home of all things tea, and is devoted to promoting sustainable practices, sourcing and sharing pure plant based products.